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Abstract wall art in wabi sabi style.

In the heart of the desert's embrace,
Where sands whisper ancient tales,
A canvas unfolds in hues of wabi-sabi grace.
"Desert Serenade"
A symphony in earth's quiet tones,
A mosaic melody, in silence, framed.
In shades of ochre, sienna, and sand,
Wabi-sabi's essence softly sings,
A tribute to nature's gentle hand.
Amidst the gentle caress of light, the mosaic,

like fragments of a forgotten melody,

invites contemplation, beckoning the viewer

to surrender to the tranquil embrace of the earth's embrace.

Desert Serenade abstract wall art

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  • Title: “Desert serenade"
    Artist: Cristina Simeoni. Handmade: Each piece is handmade and unique
    Size: 12”x12”/ 30x30 cm.
    ONE OF A KIND artwork.
    Media: High quality acrylic color on textured canvas, plaster, mosaic tiles in stone.
    Framing: Stretched canvas (Ready to hang), painted on the edges. Hanging hardware installed.
    Certificate Of Authenticity: Verifying the painting’s origin and guaranteeing your investment. The artwork is signed, titled and dated on the back.