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Please note that frames can be ordered only with an artwork purchase from my shop.

Elegant handmade floater frame in linden wood. 

The frame is contemporary and minimalist, so not too flashy.

These are a selection of frames for your artworks which you can purchase along with the artwork.

Once you have made both the purchases, I will assemble the frame on your artwork and ship it framed ready to hang .

✔Frame's dimensions refer to painting's sizes.

✔From the size 7x5 inch to the size 28x20 inch, framed artwork sizes increases by 1 inch per side (ex. painting 20"x20" frameless / 21"x21" framed)
From the size 28x28 inch, framed artwork sizes increases by 2 inch per side (ex. painting 40"x40" frameless / 42"x42" framed).

✔Silver metallic, Gold metallic, and Copper metallic: painted with metallic pigment colors for an elegant gilding effect, offering excellent value for money.

✔Silver leaf, gold leaf and copper leaf frames are not painted but made with the traditional  gilding technique in gold, silver or copper leaf.

✔Size: Any size up to 60”x60”/ 150x150 cm. Many Made to order Sizes.

More details:  Here

✔How to choose the right frame for your painting, some tips:


PLEASE NOTE that, as frames are handmade by a framer, is possible change color or delete the frame order, within 7 days from order confirmation. After this period no frame changes are possible.


PriceFrom € 80,00

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