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Let's talk about frames.

How to choose the right frame for your painting.

How choose the right frame

When talking about frames we are faced with many doubts: Do I need it? How do I choose it? Will it fit my space well? Let's make some clarity on how to choose the right frame that enhances our painting and the space it is in.

Frame or not to frame?

I'm going to reveal a secret to you: not all artworks need a frame. In contemporary artworks, called "gallery wrap", the canvas is fixed around the bars and very often the artists continue to paint the motif also outside the central surface, or even laterally.In this case the frame is not necessarily essential. However, when the painting is not "gallery wrapped", the bars of the frame are thinner and the staples are visible along the sides. In this case it is preferable to frame the canvas. The frame should therefore have a depth sufficient to accommodate the thickness of the canvas and the frame.

abstract painting
Textured sides

What frame then?

The fundamental role of a frame is to focus the attention on the artwork, creating a kind of contemplative space, a closed boundary, separated from the surrounding world, making the image independent from the context.The guidelines are in agreement that it is mainly the work that should determine which frame to choose: the style of the painting determines the style of the frame. Only subsequently can we cons