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Refined abstract painting with pearly reflections, a touch of elegance and essentiality. Abstract texture artwork on canvas with iridescent colors. A sense of refined simplicity with this minimalist painting, adorned with pearly reflections for a touch of elegance and essentiality. An abstract texture masterpiece on canvas unfolds with iridescent colors, highlighted by the subtle interplay of gold and silver lights. This textured painting exudes a luxurious aesthetic, featuring a pearly background that sets the stage for silver and gold dunes meticulously shaped with texture paste. The result is a captivating and elegant look that adds a touch of luxury to any space, creating a visually stunning focal point that effortlessly combines modern sophistication with artistic allure.

As seen in the video, this painting completely changes color from golden to pearly/silver depending on the viewer's point of view.

Dune abstract painting

PriceFrom € 130,00