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This original abstract textured painting on canvas features copper leaf for a modern and industrial feel, with the luster and elegance of copper. The texture creates highlights and shadows which the copper leaf coating brings out, creating mesmerizing glimmers and poetic nuances.

You will be able to choose between two orientations so I will set up the hooks and steel cable at the back in the right way.

Contemporary art with this original abstract texture painting on canvas, enriched with the luminous touch of copper leaf. Infused with a modern and industrial flavor, this artwork exudes the captivating shine and elegance of copper leaf. The interplay of textures on the canvas creates a dynamic visual experience, inviting exploration of its tactile richness. Elevate your surroundings with this unique piece, where the gleam of copper leaf adds a touch of sophistication, and the abstract textures contribute to a modern and industrial aesthetic, making it a distinctive focal point in any space.

Copper Lights abstract art

PriceFrom € 130,00
  • Title: “Copper lights"

    This artwork is made to order.
    Artist: Cristina Simeoni. Handmade: Each piece is handmade and unique
    Size: Any size up to 60”x60”/ 150x150 cm. Many made to order sizes.
    Media: Copper leaf on textured canvas.
    Framing: Stretched canvas (Ready to hang), painted on the edges. Hanging hardware installed (ready to hang).

    Unframed. Should you be intrigued, we invite you to peruse our array of framing finisheshere. Kindly be aware that frames are not encompassed in the painting price. If you wish to receive the artwork beautifully framed with a frame of your preference, you may seamlessly make your selection and add it to your cart here.

    Certificate Of Authenticity: Verifying the painting’s origin and guaranteeing your investment. The artwork is signed, titled and dated on the back.

    I will send you several pictures and a video of the painting to approve before shipping.