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Abstract sculpture painting on canvas with iridescent colors, featuring golden and silver light for a luxurious look. The pearly background is complemented by silver or gold waves modeled with texture paste, giving the painting different shades depending on the point of view. The iridescent colors make the painting reflect the color of its environment, seamlessly integrating it into the decor. It is possible to choose among three metal variants: gold, warm silver (similar to champagne color) and cold silver.

Immerse your space in the allure of sophistication with this original painting on canvas, a sculptural and elegant artwork. The canvas comes to life with a captivating play of iridescent colors, illuminated by shimmering gold and silver lights. This acrylic work exudes a luxurious aesthetic, featuring a pearly background adorned with silver or gold waves meticulously shaped with texture paste. The interplay of textures and metallic elements adds a touch of luxury, creating a visually stunning and truly unique piece that enhances any space with a lavish focal point.

Sculpture painting is a form of artistic expression that combines traditional art and sculpture to form inspiring three-dimensional pieces. What makes these works so remarkable is the attention to detail and aesthetics that make them stand out from the crowd.

Waves square abstract painting

PriceFrom € 130,00