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A kaleidoscope of hues dance upon the surface, a symphony of green, copper, and gold, for this textured round painting titled “Inca”.

Emerald strokes cascade like verdant waterfalls, portraying the rich foliage that cradles secrets in every leaf. The copper tones, reminiscent of aged earth and time, lend an aura of antiquity to the painting, invoking the spirits of a bygone era. Gleaming veins of gold, akin to sunlight filtered through emerald treetops, bestow a divine touch upon the scene, as if the sun itself had bestowed its golden kiss upon the heart of the jungle. Within this enchanted sphere, one may glimpse the ghostly shimmer of the Inca's fabled wealth. The circular composition mirrors the eternal cycle of nature, a perpetual dance of life and growth, much like the flourishing foliage that conceals the echoes of ancient civilizations.

As the eye navigates the intricate textures, one can almost hear the rustling of emerald leaves, feel the ageless pulse of the forest, and envision the shadows of a once-majestic civilization that left its mark in shades of green, copper, and gold. "Inca," a portal to a realm where time stands still, and the spirit of a lost empire lingers in the hues of a poetic artwork.


Inca round painting

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